Bird Feeding Stations

Our Harrod Bird Feeding Stations have been developed following numerous customer requests and use the same quality materials as our garden structures range. These UK Made feeding stations come in different styles, hold 3 feeders and come complete with a 10 year framework guarantee!

Customer Reviews

Mr Springett, Kent

"The three structures (2 round obelisks and a bird feeding station) are integral to the new planting scheme as they provide height, hence my attempts to show some of the surrounding beds." 

Mrs Carey, Buckinghamshire

"The bird feeding station fits beautifully into our small garden. It is so much neater and more elegant than the wobbly old wooden one we had previously. In summer it supports a few sweet peas aswell." 

Mrs Bird, Somerset

"I have been delighted with my bird feeding stations. Hedge sparrows, starlings,collared doves,jackdaws, woodpeckers (and a young squirrel) all visit the stations. I also have a pheasant and hedgehogs that tidy up after the birds."

Mrs Fisher, Hampshire

"I love my Harrods structures: they add a touch of real elegance to this border in my garden. The bird feeding station is positioned adjacent to a 'hedge' of clematis montana and the birds can pop in and out of that to help themselves to tasty snacks!"



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