As Monday was a day of strong, cold winds I spent my time in the greenhouse potting on various vegetables that were out growing their small pots.  The broad beans and onions have gone out into the cold frame ready to be planted out on a suitable day. Starting them off in the greenhouse gives them a better chance against mice and birds.  The brussel sprouts and broccoli have now been moved into a non-heated propagator as they are growing strongly.  As there is space in the Geopod Heated Propagator, I have sown cucumbers, another variety of chilli, aubergines and two more varieties of tomato.  I have also sown some more sweet pea seeds as the last batch where destroyed by a mouse!  


Because of the warm weather, the greenhouse plants are now requiring water on a regular basis and this also gives me the opportunity to leave the door open to allow the air to circulate.

Outside, the kitchen garden is starting to show new life.  The rhubarb that has been covered by the Terracotta Rhubarb Forcer is growing steadily but even the regular rhubarb is rapidly heading skywards so it looks like we could be enjoying an early harvest soon.


The carrot seeds that I had sown, and wasn’t expecting to grow so quickly, are also outside but under cloches.  They are still in their seed trays but I am going to plant them out in a raised bed under protection and if they survive they too could be an early crop.  The blueberry plants are grown in pots here so they have enjoyed a refresh of ericaceous compost this week.


As we have not experienced any really hard weather here this year, the apricot tree “Tomcot” is now in flower which is a lovely sight to see on a cold grey day.  The peach and nectarine trees are also now in bud but no flowers yet.  Once they start to flower they will be given a helping hand by pollinating with a paintbrush.