Apple Tree Catching Nets

Dear Harrod

I have some fruit trees in our 1935 built house. The three Apple trees we have were probably planted soon after it was built.. The middle one is s particularly heavy cropper of Bramley apples which one by one fall to the ground, many with brown rot but others with good big fruit until they fall to the ground when the in bruising starts. My wife does not agree with the removal of this tree. So, can you provide a net to fasten round the tree just below fruit level and about 7 ft. radius. I can envisage such a net but not how to keep it up near the fruit .

I should be grateful if you could provide an answer if you know of it.


Alan Browne

Dear Mr Browne

You would certainly need a strong heavy duty netting to catch the fruit from your tree.

The only suggestion I can think of for the supporting structure would be to create a hexagonal shape using posts driven into the ground at intervals around the tree,  The netting could then be attached to this by nailing it to the top of the posts.  Using pressure treated posts should hopefully also make the structure more pleasing to look at.

I would also recommend an apple picker to pick the fruit off the tree before it falls.  Fruit picked rather than fallen will last longer in storage and be of better quality. 

I hope this is helpful.  Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

Kindest Regards


Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener