Apple Picker

This Apple Picker is just the job for picking those hard to reach apples and pears. Simply put the wire teeth around the stem of the fruit and gently pull, the foam cushioned liner will prevent bruising...More information

Size: 146cm Long Handle
Product Code: GGT-254
Delivery: £4.95 P&P
Price: £12.95
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This Apple Picker is ideal for picking those hard to reach apples, simply put the wire teeth around the stem of the fruit and gently pull away. The long handled picker makes picking fruit faster and is safer than balancing on a ladder!

The apple picker has a foam cushioned liner to prevent bruising and will also work on a variety of other fruits like pears and plums.

  • 146cm long FSC Wooden Handle
  • Foam cushion prevents bruising
  • Makes picking hard to reach fruit easy

Product Reviews

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Our Daily Express-published horticulturist Martin Fiddes says; "Pick your apples very carefully to avoid bruising and damage, both of which will provide an entry point for rots and fungal diseases - that's why the foam cushioned basket of this apple picker is such a boon.

"An apple is ready for harvest if it comes away – complete with stalk – from the tree when twisted slightly. Discard any fruit you feel is likely to go off because of damage or if you can see evidence of pests and diseases.

"One bad apple will ruin the whole crop in this context!