Found an interesting article in the Daily Mail last week which seems to indicate that recycling and composting are starting to become big business - the worm has turned!
It certainly would appear that the word is spreading and with the current spotlight firmly on green issues via the budget, wormeries could be the next big boom market. Articles in such high-brow publications such as the Daily Mail can only help spread the news about recycling - not that we at Harrod Horticultural need telling!

We've stocked the Can-o-Worms for years now, along with the ravenous Composting Worms (not to be confused with earthworms who are totally unsuitable for compost purposes) and even a Turbocharger Kit, designed to get your wormery off to a flying start.

And there's no need to be put off if you haven't got the space or even inclination turn play host to thousands of worms; the Bokashi Kitchen Compost Bucket sits happily on your kitchen worktop and produces the same results!