It is a good idea to put weed control barriers in place in late winter or early spring, as they work better as a preventative method rather than when an existing problem requires suppression. Ideally laid over recently cleared soil to suppress re-growth of old weeds and prevent new weeds from establishing.

Our Weed Control Fabric is a heavy duty 100g sqm material which supresses weeds, it is ideal for use under decking, patios, paths and between raised beds.

This long lasting groundcover membrane is UV stabilised and available in 1m, 2m, 3m, & 4m widths with ready cut extra value saver packs available.

Thicker than most weed control fabrics on the market this high quality ground cover will last up to 6 years in direct sunlight in Europe, but substantially longer when covered with bark or gravel.

Pre-drawn lines are mapped out on the sheet for guidance when cutting and measuring it to the required size.

This garden membrane is designed to allow moisture to pass through it for easy watering, but reduces the risk of grasses and weeds becoming intrusive when its used around trees and shrubs.