Organic gardening - in the Harrod Horticultural Kitchen Garden at least - doesn't just mean that chemical-based pest sprays, weedkillers and fertilisers are banned from the potting shed. It's about protecting the environment in general, and that's why you'll find water butts scattered around the garden.

Water Butts
Trouble is, Sharon's enthusiasm to capture the winter and spring rains has run over and she's introduced a few water butts too many! The six she's placed in the garden - three of each of the black oak effect butts and 150 litre terracina types - will be reduced to three in the near future with the oak effect butts receiving their marching orders.

Keen to retain the attractive and carefully planned layout of the garden, Sharon has been busy thinking... "I'd like to hide the remaining butts in alcoves in the yew hedging and fill them from the garden well," she says. "A ball-cock fitted to each butt will regulate the flow and I'm toying with the idea of fitting water butt soaker hose kits as well."

We'll keep you posted of developments as they happen...