Versatile is certainly a word which applies to the tub trug, a real gardener's ally.

I'm constantly accompanied around our Kitchen Garden by a large cornflower blue tub trug, just one of sixteen colours (including black) and three sizes that these flexible friends are available in - and they're made from 100% recycled plastic too!TubTrugsBlog

I find a tub trug is my ideal right hand man for most garden tasks. It can be filled with weeds; it's great for harvesting; you can use it as a temporary home for slugs, snails and other pests you might discover whilst down on your hands and knees and it's also ideal for transporting compost around. We've even introduced colour-coded tub trugs to the Kitchen Garden - green for any compostable material collected during the rounds, and bright red for anything you don't want to end up in the heap!

It's not only in the garden that the tub trug is a great help. I know of friends who use one to carry logs, I've seen one helping to take out the washing and the equestrian set swear by them!

Harrod Horticultural stock a large selection of all the colours and sizes available, so if you haven't already got a tub trug in your garden, pick one up today - you'll wonder how you managed without!