Being a Master Composter, you could say compost-wise I've seen it, done it and got the T-shirt - and now, quite literally, I have!

CompostbadgeI'm always pleased to see the postman strolling up to my front door, but yesterday he had an extra postal treat for me - my Master Composter badge and aformentioned attire.

This addition to my composting wardrobe (it's actually the ONLY item of compost clothing I own) means I'll be sharply turned out at the various county-wide events I'm hoping to attend this year, as the countdown to completing my 30 hours of spreading the compost word continues. Of course, once I've completed this total I won't suddenly relinquish my role as a compost ambassador, but that's the point you're finally acknowledged as a compost master.

Jealous of my new clothing? Don't be - just contact David Hawkyard, the Norfolk County Council Master Composter Scheme Co-ordinator, on 01603 223328 (or e-mail him at for full details of forthcoming Master Composter courses in Norfolk.

And before all of you outside of Norfolk reading this start sending indignant e-mails; it's highly likely that your local council, in partnership with the UK's leading charitable organisation Garden Organic and WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme) Home Composting Programme, have a similar scheme running in your area.

Go get that T-shirt!