Unfortunately, a gardener never has all the space they would like to grow their crops, no matter what size their plot! If lack of space is a definite issue, container growing becomes a necessity. At the Kitchen Garden we are lucky to have a decent sized plot but that doesn’t prevent us from trying out the numerous products available for growing in limited – and otherwise unsuitable – areas. This is where products like the Spud Tub, designed for growing potatoes (catch the name!) on a patio, are invaluable.

We recently ran a trial with this product to determine what size crop could be achieved, and we discovered that planting a tub with 3 tubers produced a yield of 20 potatoes, the largest measuring 10cm across and the smallest 3cm. The other two tubs were planted up with 1 and 5 tubers respectively, and produced yields of 8 spuds (from 7cm across down to 3.5cm from 1 tuber) and 13 potatoes (7cm x 2.5cm from 5).

So, if space is at a premium, fear not – there are numerous alternative ways to keep that larder stocked with delicious home grown produce!