Stephanie's Kitchen Garden Diary - End July 2005

Stephanie's Kitchen Garden Diary - 31st July 2005

Kitchen Garden Update - Late July 2005

Recipe for Success  

From the Kitchen Garden to the Kitchen Table – we bring you up to date on exactly what has been happening to the crops harvested in the Kitchen Garden so far…  

Although the primary objective is not to produce as high a yield as possible from the Kitchen Garden, it is nether the less extremely satisfying to harvest various roots, shoots, tubers and leaves etc and to add them to dishes and meals in the knowledge that they have been produced completely organically, and in most cases from seed.  

We have mentioned in previous updates exactly which crops have been harvested but not their final destination, and we felt it time to let you know the verdict on the various potatoes, courgettes, beans etc that have been carted off  to the kitchen. Were they bursting with flavour and freshness? Did they taste any different to the supermarket produce? Will we try the same varieties in the future? Please read on…  

Probably the most plentiful harvest so far has been the potato crop, but then again this has taken up almost an entire bed so it is not surprising. The early crops of Anya, Colleen and Premiere have all been removed from the soil and some have ended up in Stephanie Harrod’s kitchen, whilst others have been regularly delivered to the offices of Harrod Horticultural and have subsequently been consumed in various meals. The general opinion is that these potatoes do have a fuller taste than the produce sold at the large supermarkets and Anya in particular, with it’s strange, elongated shape and nutty flavour, has been a real favourite. The verdict? Definitely a HIT for the potatoes!  

Another early harvest were the broad beans, and these joined the potatoes as accompaniments to meat dishes but also formed an important part of vegetarian meals, and a number were consumed raw, straight from the plant. Again, these were praised for their flavour – especially the raw ones – and the variety, Super Aquadulce, is likely to be repeated. Another HIT!  

There has been a steady flow of courgettes for a number of weeks now, and we have been harvesting them quite small to rather large, to observe the difference in taste. It appears the smaller specimens taste better and they have been mashed, sliced, fried and added to bolognaise dishes in general. We are aware that the male flowers can be stuffed and fried, but no-one has been adventurous enough to attempt this yet! We have also started to harvest some of the outdoor Marketmore cucumbers, and although small, are very tasty. Curcubits = HIT!

Small quantities of garlic, runner beans, chilli peppers, the odd strawberry and herb leaves have also been picked, and we will bring you more information on these crops, and also the tomatoes, very shortly. In the meantime, please send any recipes or culinary tips to us at hort@harrod.uk.com, and thanks to everyone who has already done so. Bon appetite!