Sneeboer Steel Snow Shovels

These Sneeboer Steel Snow Shovels are likely to prove very popular this winter available in a carbon steel finish, they'll be more than tough enough to cope with heavy snowfalls for years to come...More information

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Although working up a sweat clearing snow is one of winter's little pleasures, the 1.4m long ash handle and 40cm wide by 20cm deep steel blade of the Sneeboer snow shovel will get snow shifted in double quick time, leaving your paths and driveways safe for walking on.

Robust and durable enough to leave plastic snow clearing shovels in the shade, these hand-made Sneeboer steel snow scrapers will clear drift after drift with ease!

  • Sneeboer Steel Snow Shovels available with carbon steel blades
  • Snow shovel handles measure 1.4m in length
  • Shovel blades are 40cm W x 20cm D
  • Much tougher than plastic snow scraping shovels
  • Hand forged in Holland to exacting Sneeboer standards
  • Ash handle
  • 10 year steelwork guarantee
  • Every garage should have one

Top Tip!
Keep carbon steel tools clean and rust-free by wiping down the blade with an oily rag after use and storing in a sand and oil mix.

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