In a recent survey, an incredible 88% of gardeners confessed to loathing slugs – and their partners in crime, snails – more than any other garden pest.

These horrendous molluscs are responsible for damaging crops both above and below ground, with the chief culprits being the grey field, large black, garden and keeled slug, ably assisted by the garden and banded snails.

It is impossible to completely eradicate slugs and snails from the garden, and in the context of the food chain it is not desirable, so the challenge for the gardener is to control these pests, using the plethora of products available, as efficiently as possible.

So how do you stop slugs and snails terrorising your garden and oozing over your valuable plants? I'm throwing this one open to everyone, and there's even a PRIZE!

What is it? An overwhelming sense of pride that you've helped a fellow harassed gardener - and everyone wins (except the slugs)!

Just one condition - let's keep it organic, people!