The Consumer Council for Water has produced a checklist of water saving ideas following predictions of another long, hot - and dry - summer.

The water industry watchdog enlisted the help of UK Non-Governmental Organisation and water efficiency experts Waterwise to compile ways of cutting water wastage in the home, in schools and also in the garden.
Water ButtsAccording to a report on the national website of Wales, the best way to keep your garden green this summer and save water is to invest in a water butt, and other tips include mulching to retain moisture and avoiding planting up thirsty hanging baskets - large containers or pots will require less watering.

We're certainly doing our part in the Kitchen Garden to save water as we've installed ground level micro-irrigation systems and soaker hoses, widely regarded as the most efficient way to get water straight to where it's needed - the soil. We've also used water-retaining liners for our potted companion plants, which should cut down the frequency of watering by 7-10 days.

Full details of the Consumer Council for Water advisory notes can be found on their website, and for further water saving ideas and products for both the garden and greenhouse - including water butts, irrigation kits and ultra-efficient automated systems are readily available from Harrod Horticultural.