Obtaining heirloom vegetable seed varieties is much easier now thanks to Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library and if you're really into growing veg and have an interest in preserving the seed types of yesteryear, you'll jump at the chance of being a Seed Guardian!

According to Garden Organic, the role of a Seed Guardian for the heritage library involves raising crops from seed, ensuring the saved seed remains true to type and completing a report into the performance of the crop.

Pea SeedsSome guardians become more involved and research the history of the vegetable and variety, along with keeping a photographic record of its progress.

Garden Organic also provide Seed Guardians with full instructions and guidelines - especially useful when crops need isolating to prevent cross-pollination - and insist that potential guardians are not put off by crop failures; there's usually more than one guardian per variety and the seed you'll be supplied with is not the last remaining!

If becoming a Seed Guardian sounds right up your street, you can contact Garden Organic by e-mail or write to them at;

Heritage Seed Library
Garden Organic Ryton