Root!T Grow Light System & Vitopod combination

Dear Lynn

I am interested in purchasing greenhouse lighting to assist with propagation.  

I already have a Vitopod double length, double height propagator purchased from you some years ago.  It would seem to me that, based on the quoted dimensions, the 4 foot ROOT!T Grow Light System would fit well with the Vitopod propagator.  Are you able to confirm this?  



Dear Allan

Looking at the measurements (see below) the Vitopod would fit inside the 4ft ROOT!T Grow Light System.  The Vitopod is actually 4cm wider (deeper) than the Grow Light however this shouldn’t be a problem because the specification for the 4ft Grow Light  states that it illuminates 4 x standard seed trays and these do fit side by side inside the Vitopod.

Vitopod measurements 100cm L x 50cm W x 39cm H

4ft ROOT!T Grow Light System measurements 127cm L x 46cm W x 81cm H.

I use these ROOT!T Grow Light Systems in the greenhouse at Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden and I find them an essential piece of kit to get an early start to my seeds whilst daylight is still in short supply.

Good luck with your seed growing!

Kind Regards

Lynn Burton
Horticultural Adviser