Roman Arches Linked & Curved

"Product is great and service was as it should be"
Mr Chick, Surrey

Mr Chick contacted us to provide the required dimensions for some Roman Linked Arches in a curve design to replace a natural garden pergola. We adapted a standard Linked Arch design to fit around a curve using bespoke laser cut angled plates. The structure is 1.5m wide and 20 gripple clips with 2mm tensioned galvanised wire link the arches together to provide a structure for the planting to grow up. Drawings were produced for the customer to approve the linked arch sizes before manufacture.

"We bought our listed property 6 years ago, both it and the garden were run down and in need of some love, we built our first pergola from sticks from around the garden, this matured for several years, until after 5 years it all rotted. With 2 small children we decided we didn't have time to rebuild it every 5 years so I decided to surprise my wife with one of your custom pergolas for her birthday present

Product is great, and service was as it should be. There was an issue with the initial production, the brackets on the five top bars had been welded on 90degrees out (so that it would go uphill rather than round a corner). I let Harrod know and new parts were manufactured and dispatched within a week. An unfortunate mistake, but one recified in a prompt professional manner."

Mr Chick, Surrey

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