Cherry Tree Sleeve Roll

The UV stabilised fine grade mesh Cherry Tree Sleeve is supplied on a 10m roll and works by covering a branch laden with fruit just starting to form, just slide the sleeve from the pack, cut off required length with scissors and secure to branch with the releasable cable ties supplied...More information

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Invented by one of our customers, the re-usable 10m x 17.5cn Harrod Cherry Tree Sleeve Roll is a great way to protect precious cherries from birds, aphids and adverse weather, as well as encourage faster ripening on individual branches - thereby saving the expense and effort of erecting a fruit cage over numerous trees.

Fruit sleeves can be used on a variety of fruits including peaches, grapes, figs & plums etc. Use as much of the sleeve as you need for individual fruits, clusters or whole branches, even over a metre long.

The UV stabilised fine grade mesh sleeve is supplied in a 10m roll and works by covering suitable branches laden with fruit just starting to form, slide the sleeve from the pack and then cut off with scissors at the end of the branch.

Leaves need to be carefully inspected and any existing problems treated before being covered with cherry tree sleeves and inspected at regular intervals.

Both ends of the sleeve are then clamped with the supplied releasable cable ties to achieve end to end branch protection. When cherries are ripe, simply release the ties, slide off the sleeve for use next season, and harvest your sweet tasting, undamaged cherries!


  • Helps protect from fruit from birds, aphids, rain and hail
  • No need for pesticides
  • Insulating greenhouse effect for faster ripening
  • Saves expense and effort of erecting a full size cherry tree cage
  • Pack contains 10m x 17.5cm dia. sleeve roll and 40 releasable sleeve ties
  • See Extra Value Pack of Three Option and Save £5!
  • Supplied with full instructions


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Some Extra Information on Cherry trees and sleeves straight from the inventor of our cherry tree sleeves

Fruit Tree Greese BandsKept my eye on the cherries this year, again! Decided to leave the sleeves off till late June as the weather has been exceptionally wet! Noticed a lot of Ant activity on the  tree - bad news as they farm cherry black fly.

Earlier in the year I had put Grease bands on all my trees. I used fruit tree grease & noticed ants had crossed the barrier, as a result I reapplied a thicker coat of grease and fitted Grease Bands, higher up on the tree, as the attached pictures shows.

Fruit sleeves are available only from Harrod Horticulture. They come in 10m rolls, they are made from UV protected fine mesh. A pack cost
£19.95 for a 10m roll which equates only to £1.95 per metre. This represents very good value; cost effect and economical.

A pack of Fruit sleeves is sufficient for a large to medium sized tree, allowing the birds to share the more inaccessible fruit!

Fruit sleeves are re-useable & are easy to remove to inspect the fruit for pest and diseases.
To apply, just cut to the required length, not every branch on a tree is a is a metre  long!

Fruit sleeves can be used on a variety of fruits including peaches, grapes, figs & plums etc. Use as much of the sleeve as you need for individual fruits, clusters or whole branches, even over a metre long.

The beauty of the fruit sleeves is their simplicity. They are quick and easy to fit, I've timed fitting at under a minute for some branches.
There is no fiddly tying, no strings just simple reusable clips, which are attached on one end or either end if needs be.
Just cut to length allowing extra for tying to the top of the branch and at the bottom of the the sleeve, if required. Once cut to length slide the sleeve on to the branch, as you would with an ordinary "sleeve", as simple as that!

Growing tips provided

Inside-Fruit-Tree-Sleeves• Fruit must be free from disease or pests before use. 
• Use winter tree wash to reduce pest & their eggs over wintering,
• Apply grease bands or apply tree grease to trees trunks to prevent insect pest climbing the tree. These bands need to checked fairly regularly, as ants can cross these barriers if not they are fitted correctly or are deteriorating. 
• Aphids are quite easy to spot, usually on the underside of a brown curled leaf, damaging the leaves.
• Inspect fruit sleeves regularly  to detect any early signs of pests or disease.
• If the ends of the sleeves are left open it is easy to clear out any detritus that may have accumulated.
• When fitting the sleeves there is an opportunity to prune dead or diseased wood. 

Cherries are looking good so far! Here's hoping for a nice early, clean crop.