Cauliflower-170619It was a week of rain, rain and more rain in the kitchen garden but the vegetables loved it and so did the weeds! I however was not so keen. So, it was a week of weeding but at least the ground was wet which made the weeds easier to pull out.

The last of the cauliflower (Romanesco) has now been planted out under the cover of butterfly netting to protect them from the butterflies, and the caterpillars that will eventually follow.

The second sewing of sweetcorn has also been planted out this week along side the first this should give us two harvests periods which means the corn can be eaten fresh and at its sweetest.

We are situated out in the country side which means we do get a lot of wildlife visiting us, some are welcomed others not so much. Amongst the un-welcome visitors are the mice who have quite a fancy for beans and peas. So this week I have built a wire wall to help protect them from being nibbled, mice are quite ingenious little creatures so fingers crossed that this works.


We are harvesting the spinach, broad beans and strawberries they are all producing well and tasting even better.

Everything in the greenhouse has burst into a high growth period so it won’t be long before we will be picking the cucumbers and tomatoes.