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Mini Manger Trough Planter

Exclusive Designed & Made by Us in UK

The Mini Manger Trough Style Planters are a great way to grow your own fruit and vegetables on a small scale, in waist height comfort with little or no maintenance and free from certain pests...More information

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Harrod Horticultural Easy Grow MangerThe attractive Mini Manger Trough Planters are perfect for growing your own herbs, salads, vegetables and fruit on the patio or deck, with the clever trough style design allowing shallow and deep rooting crops to be grown together in the same planter. 

These stylish wooden planters are made from Scandinavian softwood sourced from sustainably managed forests which is treated with a safe preserve.  The timber is kiln dried and selected to a structural standard to ensure high quality. The planters have a 3 year structural guarantee and are supplied with a thick, fitted, non-woven polypropylene fabric liner which aids water retention, contains fine sand and compost, helps prevent leaching and gives the timber further protection.

The Mini Mangers stand 57cm high and 60cm wide and are available in 4 lengths; 2ft/0.6m, 4ft/1.2m, 6ft/1.8m and 8ft/2.4m. The trough style enables you to plant your salads and shallow rooting crops round the perimeter of the timber manger and let the deeper rooting plants (including carrots and parsnips) flourish in the extra depth in the centre of the planter where 34cm of soil is available.

The Manger Trough Style Planters are also available as the larger Maxi Manger, giving even more growing area, and the Micro Manger, ideal for limited growing space.

  • Designed and manufactured by us in the UK
  • Distinctive V-shaped design for all plant root depths
  • Additional internal and leg braces for super strength
  • Made from Scandinavian softwood sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Timber is kiln dried and selected to a structural standard for high quality
  • Mini Manger Raised Planter manufactured from 2cm thick planed timber
  • Stands 57cm in height and measures 60cm wide – enables working at a comfortable height
  • Available in four sizes - 2ft/0.6m, 4ft/1.2m, 6ft/1.8m and 8ft/2.4m
  • Timber is high pressure treated with a safe preserve following consultation with Garden Organic
  • Comes complete with thick, fitted, non-woven polypropylene fabric liner specially tailored for the manger
  • Provides a handy 34cm growing depth in the centre
  • 3 year structural guarantee
  • This product is supplied as a kit for self assembly
  • Ideal for both shallow and deep rooting vegetables
  • Enables you to work at a comfortable height
  • Thwarts some ground-dwelling pests
  • Liner helps prevent residue leaching onto patio or courtyard and protects wood even further
  • Opens up growing options on patios, balconies and terraces and in courtyards
  • Ideal for town or city gardens with limited space
  • Allows gardeners with back problems to carry on growing
  • Supplied with full assembly instructions
  • Recommended two person assembly
  • Electric screwdriver or drill with screwdriver fittings makes assembly of Mini Manger Raised Planter much quicker and easier
  • Maxi Manger, and Micro Manger sizes also available

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How Much Compost?

When working out the amount of compost required to fill your Mini Manger Raised Planter, use the following simple guide - each 2ft length requires 77 litres of material. Don't forget to add plenty of organic matter to improve both soil structure and water retention!

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Number of Articles: 3
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