Long Handled Miracle Patio Brush

The Miracle Long Handled Patio Brushes are an environmentally friendly solution to removing moss and weeds from grout and cracks, and cleaning up decking...More information

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Size: 158cm L
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The Miracle Long Handled Patio Brushes are an amazing environmentally friendly solution to removing moss and weeds from grout and cracks, and cleaning up decking.

With Patio Brush there's no more pressure washing, chemicals or bending with these versatile and durable brushes; awkward cleaning jobs are made much easier with the FSC hardwood block head paving brushes and stubborn moss and algae stand little chance when faced with the fearsome brush heads.

  • Patio Brush has 3 rows of converging, tough wire angled bristles giving targeted cleaning power
  • Removes moss and weeds like magic
  • Remove moss and weeds from wider patches of grouting
  • All Miracle Brushes have 158cm long handles which means no stooping or bending

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The English GardenApril 2016

Spring AHEAD

Compact Miracle block paving brush - Get the patio in good shape for the season ahead with decorative buys and clever products to keep it looking smart

Garden Answers16th July 2008

Tested by Laura Fanthorpe for 'Tried and Tested'

As soon as something is described as a 'miracle' product, I instantly feel sceptical and determined to prove that it doesn't work! However, on this occasion the product lived up to its name - I absolutely loved this patio brush. It is designed to sweep along the cracks between paving slabs, in order to remove weeds with its wire bristles. I had previously only used patio knves for this task, but now will not go back. With one effortless sweep all weeds were removed, even from the narrowest crack without any stooping or hard work. It will be interesting to see how long the weeds remain away, but this brush is ideal for instantly tidying up your patio before all those summer barbecues. Rating *****.

Number of Articles: 4
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