Kitchen Garden Netting

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July was a testing time as I was busy fending off attacks from mice (chief suspects) whilst battling against tropical temperatures.

The warm weather meant I had to water economically - regular irrigation and lots of sunshine meant a bountiful harvest and August is also shaping up to be another month where the Kitchen Garden comes to the kitchen table!


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By Anon21st September 2011


I was interested to here of the fate of your runner beans because my french beans suffered exactly the same damage... and the salsify, celeriac, beetroot and just about everything except parsnips and courgettes. I was desperate! As my carrots were only damaged when the wind blew my carrot fly protection off we deduced that the Beast would not pass through fleece. At one time my vegetable plot looked like a temporary morgue with white sheeting everywhere. Then I realised that it was not necessary to cover crops, a low fence round them, securely pinned to the ground, would do the trick. I made fences from strips of enviromesh with channels of old sheeting into which I inserted short canes. My later sowings are thriving, though it remains to be seen if the autumn is mild enough to allow crops to mature. So what does it? a rabbit would easily hop over the fences, and a mouse would chew its way through in no time, so our chief suspect is... Voles. I shall need to get some more environmesh for next season. Posted by: Gill at August 15, 2006 12:24 PM

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