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The HotBin Composter cooks compostable garden and kitchen material at temperatures of up to 60°, resulting in faster composting times and comes with a 3 year manufacturing guarantee on the Hotbin unit.
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Size: 200L Capacity, 55cm W x 63cm D x 115cm H
Product Code: GCO-016
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The 200 litre capacity Hot Bin - like most things that work - is a simple design to help maximise what nature does by bringing together the right conditions to make hot composting easier. It is the bacteria decomposing the waste that generates the heat and the HotBin aims to keep them happy so you can enjoy fast successful composting.

The 55cm wide by 63cm deep and 115cm high HotBin composter does this by providing effective aeration between the bottom air inlet plate and the air outlet rotating valve, removing excess water through the valve as steam and allowing you to control the rate of heat loss.The HotBin can achieve hot composting between 40-60 °C, which means it can produce a rich compost faster. These hotter temperatures produced by the HotBin means you can recycle more types of household waste, even food waste. 

The HotBin works all year round including the winter months, it arrives assembled and is ready to use and comes with a whole entourage of extras which will help revolutionise your home composting set up!

Please note: Deliveries outside UK Mainland will incur an additional delivery charge - see below for details. 

Please allow up to 10-14 working days for delivery - Hotbin Gift Certificates Available on Request

  • 25 litre bag of bulking agent (composted wood chip) to use if recycling food waste included
  • Long-stem thermometer for tracking temperature during setup of the HotBin included
  • Raking stick included
  • Winter 'kick start' heater (also known as a 'hot water bottle') included
  • HotBin has 200 litre capacity
  • Bin measures 55cm Wide x 63cm Deep x 115cm High
  • Fully insulated walls
  • Uses latest composting technology
  • Hinged lid
  • Helps promote temperatures of 60°C in top layer
  • Internal thermometer for tracking exact temperature in top layer of waste
  • Air inlet and outlet for effective aeration
  • Capable of producing mulching compost in 30 days and mature material in 90 days
  • Manufacturers advise cooked meat/bones/fish can be added
  • Airtight lid to reduce smells and unwanted visitors
  • Aeration valve plate to moderate temperature
  • Biofilter unit to stop any unfriendly smells
  • Insulated walls to keep it hot to help rapid composting
  • Aeration base plate to disperse air within the bin
  • Easy to remove hatch door panel to take out mature compost
  • Comes with extensive how to use guide
  • 3 year manufacturing guarantee on the Hotbin unity
  • 1 year guarantee on sundries (raking stick, cam straps, additional thermometer)

Delivery Information

As the HotBin Composter is a bulky item, there will be an extra delivery charge to addresses outside of UK Mainland - extra delivery charges will be made when delivering to Scottish Highlands, Offshore Scottish Islands, Orkney & Shetland Islands, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Isles of Scilly, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. Please e-mail our Customer Services Department or telephone us on 0333 400 6400 (local rate) for a quote.

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Proving very successful! By Anonymous 5 4th September 2017

Extremely quick delivery, in perfect condition. Proved very successful in getting rid of garden and kitchen waste, and turning it into an excellent product.

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Excellent product By Anonymous 5 14th August 2017

I bought a Hotbin, over a year ago, having heard it being praised on a radio gardening programme. It is very good, the compost heats up very quickly, it is neat and easy to use, no mess, and we look with fascination at the temperature dial on the top. I bought one for my husband to give me as a Christmas present, and he is so pleased with his gift to me, he has bought another one. They take grass, paper shreddings, weeds and all garden waste, and though we have not ventured into food waste, I happily put seeding weeds into it in the knowledge that the steamy heat will shrivel them most satisfactorily. Getting the composted stuff out of the bottom is easy and the speed of its production is wonderful. A very pleased customer.

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So much quicker than conventional compost makers! By Anonymous 5 3rd February 2017

We like to make our own compost and have done so for many years. Using most conventional compost makers is a slow process but since buying this, it is so much quicker in breaking down the material to make a lovely rich compost that goes back in my garden.

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The HotBin Composter comes with a whole host of accessories to help your hot composting take off;  

•40 litre bag of bulking agent (composted wood chip) to use if recycling food waste included in the price

•Long-stem thermometer for tracking temperature during setup of the HotBin included in the price

•Raking stick included in the price

•Winter 'kick start' heater (also known as a 'hot water bottle') included in the price

The HotBin comes in one size. To keep it hot composting, you need to feed it a minimum amount of waste regularly. It is important you match the HotBin to the amount of waste you generate. The unit is designed for a 3-5 person family with a small-medium garden. If you are a 1-2 person household or a large household with a large garden; you may wish to review our size chart on our support FAQ before purchasing.


In the unlikely event you experience any problems with your HotBin composter, you can contact the HotBin Helpline on 0845 621 0095, drop an e-mail to or visit the HotBin website at

There are also a couple of helpful Hotbin downloads for you to view and even print - a Hotbin Start Up Guide (800kb) and Hotbin User Guide (177kb). Both are in the form of downloadable PDF files.

What The Press Say

Number of Articles: 8
Gardeners WorldJanuary 2017

50 New things to Try

Some like it hotter - Mairi Rattray at the Beechgrove Garden: This insulated bin makes compost much quicker than our plastic ones. It requires no turning, and the large hatch at the base makes it easy to get to the finished product.

Grow Your OwnSeptember 2016

Tried & Tested - Dave Finkle

I have had a great time with my Hot Bin. What I didn't expect was my children taking so much interest in it! Its insulating properties keep the temperature above 60 degrees Celsius, which accelerates the composting process. You can put virtually anything from your kitchen and plot in it and within 2-3 months your have the magic black gold for your plot. You will get a small amount of liquor seeping out of the bottom so put it on a suitable surface.

Number of Articles: 8
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