I've found time this month to flick through the pages of June's BBC Gardener's World magazine, and amongst the beautiful photography and gripping features, one small news item stuck out - Anthea Turner and composting!

No, I've not gone mad (yet!) as Anthea was quoted as being keen on the Bokashi Bucket, a kitchen composting product that I'm well familiar with. It's one of the few compost systems I'm aware of that can cope with meat as well as the typical kitchen fare of vegetable peelings because it uses a special bran to decompose the waste you add - the resulting compost is exceptionally rich.

The bran is innoculated with Effective Micro-Organisms which continue to work after the compost has been incorporated into your soil, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi, responsible for plant disease.

The Bokashi Bucket is also fitted with a tap, allowing you to draw off the 'liquid tea' produced during the composting process and bottle up, ready for use as a concentrated liquid feed for plants.

Seasonal composting is in full swing at the moment as grass cutting - the staple diet of bins and tumblers everywhere - is taking place in gardens across the country almost weekly. I'm off on my Master Composter course very shortly whilst new Kitchen Garden recruit Sharon is busily revamping our composting area, and Anthea - well, she'll be appearing at Gardener's World Live, held at Birmingham's NEC, from June 13th to 17th.