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Harrod Trumpet Peony Plant Support - Lichen Green

Endorsed by the RHS!

The Harrod Peony Plant Supports in Lichen Green have a trumpet shape which has long been popular for supporting peonies, but the attractive shape makes it an ideal plant support for many other types of plants and with the strong 8mm round steel rods used for the legs and rings these supports really are made to last
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New RHS logoThe attractive shape and colour of these Lichen Green Peony Plant Supports will be a real focal point in your garden, adding form and structure to your borders. Traditionally used for peonies, these strong plant supports are perfect for many types of flowers and plants stopping plant stems snapping in strong winds or flopping under their own weight.

Perfect for PeoniesVerbena bonariensisSalvia uliginosaThalictrum 'Hewitt's Double' and Delphiniums.

Exclusively designed and manufactured by us in the UK, these attractive trumpet plant supports use quality 8mm gauge steel rods making them very strong and durable which is why we offer a 5 YEAR STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE. 

The Trumpet Shaped Peony Plant Supports are available in 3 sizes - 60cm high x 40cm diameter, 60cm high x 50cm diameter and 90cm high x 60cm diameter. The diameter refers to the top ring of the support. The supports are designed to be pushed between 10-20cm into the ground for stability and depending on the required height for the plant. The height is from the bottom of the feet to the top ring.

The strong steel rod used in the supports is high temperature powder coated in a contemporary lichen green to give a high quality, long lasting, weatherproof finish which will look equally at home in traditional or modern gardens. 

  • Exclusive - Designed & Manufactured by us in the UK
  • Trumpet Shape Supports historically used for peonies, but are ideal for many flowers and plants
  • Attractive Lichen Green Finish
  • 5 Year Structural Guarantee
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • 60cm high x 40cm diameter - support has 4 legs
  • 60cm high x 50cm diameter - support has 5 legs
  • 90cm high x 60cm diameter - support has 5 legs
  • Height is from the bottom of the feet to the top ring - designed to be pushed 10-20cm into the ground depending on the plant being supported
  • Diameter refers to the top ring on the trumpet support - the diameter is roughly 10cm smaller for the bottom ring
  • 8mm gauge steel rods for legs & rings
  • High temperatire powder coated lichen green for a long lasting finish
  • Distance between rings on the support is 25cm
  • Ball finials measure 25mm diameter
  • Also available in a Natural Rust, Matt Black and Silk Grey

Perfect for PeoniesVerbena bonariensisSalvia uliginosaThalictrum 'Hewitt's Double' and Delphiniums.

Verbena bonariensis Salvia May Night

Verbena and Salvia examples showing how these plants can need support when growing. 

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Grow Your OwnApril 2017

Tried and Tested Plant Supports

The lovely lichen-green peony plant support looks wonderful in the garden. It is made from 8mm steel rods and is strong and strudy enough to prevent a whole range of plants from snapping under their own weight. It is coated with a high temperature powder that gives it a quality finish as well as ensuring it is long lasting and weather proof. Durability ***** Practivality ***** Value ****

Number of Articles: 1
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