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Harrod Slot & Lock ® Cloche System

Designed & Manufactured in the UK!

The Harrod Slot & Lock® Cloche System is a highly innovative modular cloche available with a choice of covers to protect your plants throughout the growing season, with 1m L Starter Kits and 1m extension kits, it is easy to create the perfect size cloche for your garden
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Size: 1m L x 54cm W x 32cm H
Delivery: £4.95 P&P
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Extra Value - Save 15% on 1m Starter Kit with all 3 Covers

(GNE-249 includes PVC, Insect Mesh and Net Covers)

This clever plant cloche uses the award winning Harrod Slot & Lock connectors to securely fix the aluminium hoops and rods to create a rigid framework. There are 3 covers available - PVC for early season growing and helping to warm the soil, soft mesh 7mm netting to stop butterflies and the insect mesh cover to protect from aphids and other minute pests.

This innovative new cloche system is easy to assemble and with each cloche tunnel measuring 1m long x 54cm wide x 32cm high it provides plenty of room and protection to encourage strong and healthy plant growth. Simply choose the starter kit and then add as many extension kits as you need - covers are all available separately so you can interchange the covers throughout the season for ultimate crop protection. 

  • Designed and manufactured by us in the UK
  • Hoop framework is made from heavy-duty non-rust 16mm diameter aluminium and includes a top support rod and a ground frame for ultimate stability.
  • Framework firmly secured in place with our award winning Slot & Lock connectors
  • The tubing at each corner of the framework is designed to be pushed into the ground 13.5cm for stability
  • Each cloche section measures 1m Long x 54cm wide x 32cm high. 
  • 3 covers available - PVC, Soft Mesh 7mm netting & Insect Mesh - UV stabilised for longer life
  • All covers have super strong webbing along all edges, ties to secure the cover to the frame and eyelets for ground pegs.
  • Each cover has a strong zip for easy opening or for complete removal of the cover - allowing easy access to your crops.
  • Each starter kit includes 2 insect mesh end panels which provide essential ventilation and keeps out even minute pests. 

Harrod Slot & Lock® KEY FEATURES:

  • Extends to any length required
  • Choice of seasonal protection covers
  • 16mm diameter non rust aluminium frame
  • AWARD WINNING Slot & Lock® connectors

How to plan a Harrod Slot & Lock® Cloche System:

  • Buy a 1m long Starter Frame Kit (2 hoops, framework, insect-mesh end panels & your preferred protection cover).
  • Extend if required with 1m length Extension Kits (1 hoop, framework & your preferred protection cover).
  • Additional 1m long Protection Covers are available separately for full growing flexibility

Note: Pictured is 1 starter kit & 3 extension kits with ultra fine insect mesh covers

Product Reviews

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Harrod slot and lock cloche system By Anonymous 5 5th February 2017

A year ago I was going to purchase the Longrow super cloche but having read the reviews with unfavourable comment over the flimsy end pieces I contacted Harrod who said that the manufacturer was going to modify them. I decided to wait but after a year the new version is not yet in production and the existing version is no longer available. The slot and lock cloche is substantially more expensive but it is well built and very flexible in the covering options available. My only criticism is that is fiddly to assemble. Screws have to be inserted into the black plastic 3,4 or 5 way connectors in order to secure them to the aluminium poles. It was particularly awkward to insert the screws into the corners of 2 and 3 way connectors. After trial and error, I found the best way was to partially insert the screws into each connector first and then insert the poles and finally tighten the screws up. Overall, despite the cost, this looks a high quality product. I have only bought the PVC covering so far but if it lives up to expectations I will consider buying the insect mesh as well.

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Smart looking cloche By Colin Peake 5 27th February 2016

Very pleased. Bit pricey and a bit fiddly to assemble but well worth the cost and trouble. Looks vey smart - far better than some of the tatty polythene stuff that can be seen flapping about after one season. Easy to move - my 4 m length can be moved en bloc.

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Excellent, robust product By Anonymous 5 28th May 2015

We ordered this although the price was higher than other cloches on offer, and found the price is justified. A very well constructed robust product which is light and reliable. Very impressed. We will be ordering another and two mesh covers.

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STARTER KIT - 1m L x 54cm W x 32cm H - includes 2 hoops, framework, insect mesh end panels & a cover choice from below:

  • PVC GNE-240
  • Insect Mesh GNE-244
  • 7mm Soft Net GNE-242

EXTENSION KIT - 1m L x 54cm W x 32cm H - includes 1 hoop, framework & a cover choice from below:

  • PVC GNE-241
  • Insect Mesh GNE-245
  • 7mm Soft Net GNE-243


  • PVC GNE-246
  • Insect Mesh GNE-247
  • 7mm Soft Net GNE-248

What The Press Say

Number of Articles: 3
Grow Your OwnOctober 2015

One Test - Pest Prevention Products - Dave Finkle

This product is very well designed and made, which is typical of the Harrod brand, and it required no more than 10 minutes of my time to construct. The slot and lock frame is very solid and uses aluminium rods and heavy duty plastic joiners. The cover is made of thick PVC and is cleverly supplied with insect mesh end panel to allow great ventilation and protection from tiny pest invasions! A nice touch is the system's ability to have additional lengths added to it. As a product it does deserve its price tag for build quality.

Which MagazineApril 2015

New Products - Find out what Which? thinks first...

Harrod Horticultural Slot and Lock Cloche System - A modular cloche system to which 1m starter/extension kits can be added to achieve your preferred length. A choice of cover allows you to plan for different challenges in your garden. Our Verdict: Using a cloche means you can get an early start with sowing, ripen soft fruit earlier and protect vulnerable plants from pests. Depending which cover, or covers, you decided to get (choose from PVC, 7mm soft mesh netting or insect mesh) it would be possible to do all of those jobs with this one-cloche system. The rigid metal bars of the frame fit together with plastic joints that are held in place with locking screws. It took slightly longer to put together than similar systems I've used, but felt a lot sturdier. The insect mesh I'd chosen fitted easily over the frame, and holes in the base for ground pegs made it possible to get the cover flush to the ground - essential to stop insect pests getting in. You'd need to weigh up the cost against the use you'd expect to get out of it, but I thought this was a good-quality, well-thought-out frame that should prove durable. - Janice Shipp, Senior Researcher

Number of Articles: 3
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