Exclusive – Designed and Manufactured by Us 5 Year Structural Guarantee

Harrod Short Circular Plant Support - Rust

Harrod Short Circular Plant Supports in Rust have a traditional appeal and provide attractive support for all sorts of herbs and flowers, made from solid steel 8mm round rods these plant supports really are made to last...More information

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The plant supports are perfect for plants with big showy heads, stopping the stems snapping in the wind or flopping under their own weight. They can be left in place during winter months to indicate where dormant plants will emerge the following season. 

Exclusively designed and made by us in the UK, these high quality plant supports use solid 8mm gauge round steel rods for the legs and 6mm for the rings. Available in 2 diameters (30cm and 45cm) and 2 heights (40cm or 60cm) the plant supports are designed to be pushed 10-20cm into the ground for stability and depending on the required height for the plant.

These stunning supports are supplied as untreated steel which quickly develops an even rust coating, a timeless look for traditional or contemporary gardens and they come with a 5 YEAR STUCTURAL GUARANTEE. 

  • Short Circular Plant Supports ideal for herbs, campanulas, agapanthus, shrub roses, hollyhocks & foxgloves. 
  • Available in 2 heights & 2 diameters - designed to be pushed 10-20cm into the ground depending on the plant being supported.
  • 30cm & 45cm diameter circular plant supports have 3 legs.
  • Heights are from the bottom of the feet to the top ring. 
  • Natural Rust finish
  • 5 Year Structural Guarantee.
  • 8mm gauge steel rods for legs, 6mm gauge steel rods for rings.
  • Exclusive - Designed & Manufactured by us in the UK

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