Harrod Pleach Frame

Harrod Pleach Frame is designed to support pleached trees, such as Hornbeam, Lime, Ash and Beech, ideal to achieve a classic look and in time the frame will be hidden by the growth, offering support for many years to come
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Create your own Pleach Tree Frame with our black aluminium tubing, slot and lock connectors and use our releasable cable ties to secure in place. 

The panels are constructed from standard Harrod Slot & Lock 16mm aluminium tubing, powder coated black and joined with our connectors, these can be bought individually as required and cut to length easily and quickly with a pipe cutter or hacksaw. 

The Pleach Frame is designed to be fixed into the tree to form either a single panel, or linked together to form a screen. Additional bars can be used to run in depth, adding extra dimension to form cubes and rectangles.

To create the framework decide on the length and height of each panel required and choose the aluminium tubing to fit. Select the connectors required to create the framework. 

  • Aluminium Tubing available in various lengths
  • Tubing is powder coated black
  • Slot & Lock connectors allow tubing to be easily fixed in place
  • Releasable cable ties allow the framework to be secured in the tree
  • Suitable for pleached trees such as Hornbeam, Lime, Ash and Beech
  • Create a flat panel frame, create a screen or even cubes and rectangles
  • Select lengths of tubing required and all necessary connectors
  • Tubing can be easily cut with a hacksaw or pipe cutter

Some example panels:- 

Panel 1 - this is a smaller panel with 3 way connectors in the corners, 4 way connectors as the mid-way connectors on the sides of the frame and 5 way connectors in the middle of the framework. This also allows for other frames to be connected to create a square or rectangular frame.  

Pleach Frame 2

Panel 2 - if you are looking to create a larger frame maybe for a run of hornbeams larger frames can be made as the example below. Again this could then be extended to create a square or rectangle frame. 

Pleach Frame 1 



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