Planting organic seed potatoes and harvesting armfuls of delicious fresh tubers is often the route into gardening and home vegetable growing in particular for many novice gardeners – and although we’ve got a bit more experience than that we still enjoy the anticipation of digging up a real bumper yield of spuds, explains horticulturist Martin Fiddes.

So what is it that makes growing seed potatoes so accessible? For a start, you don’t need a vegetable plot. You don’t need an allotment. In fact, you don’t even need a garden as potatoes can be grown in a plethora of planting bags ,tubs and containers in the smallest space imaginable! Patios, balconies, courtyards, roof terraces – they can all easily support a potato planting bag or three! Ok, so yields from a potato planting bag aren’t likely to challenge those you’d expect from a vegetable plot or allotment but you’ll still be pleasantly surprised at the amount of spuds you can get from 3 or 5 seed potatoes – the average amount you can plant in a bag, tub or container.

PotatoesBlogGrowing potatoes is cost effective too. Organic seed potato tubers cost next to nothing and as we’ve already discovered, a little goes a long way. The same can be said of Potato Planting Bags, Spud Tubs, Airpot Potato Towers and Potato Barrels and don’t forget, these containers will last years so are a sound investment.

Actually growing the seed potatoes isn’t exactly rocket science either and if you’re using planting bags or containers, you’ve got even more control over your crop. Early plantings can be started off in a greenhouse or under cover for a welcome head start on open ground crops and as long as you give the swelling spuds plenty of water, earth up regularly and provide them with a good splash of potato fertiliser, they’re odds-on to reward you well!

So now you appetite’s been well and truly whetted, where can you get hold of your seed potatoes and planting bags? We can help with that; as we said before, we’ve got a bit of gardening experience behind us and that’s why we’ve put together - in one place - all the stuff you’ll need to grow your own seed potatoes. Our Organic Seed Potatoes and Planting Bags Offer is going down a real storm; consisting of 15 organic seed potato tubers and three durable and hard-wearing potato planting bags, it’s the best way we can think of to get into potato growing and vegetable gardening in general.

We even provide planting, growing and harvesting instructions (downloadable PDF version, 0.5MB) and have experts on hand in the unlikely event of things going wrong!

And when you discover we’ve got specially formulated potato fertiliser and more watering devices you can shake a stick at, there’s really only one place to shop for your spuds!