Growing Blueberries in Raised Beds

Dear Lynn

I want to grow in single raised beds the following blueberry bushes --- Earliblue  ----Chandler  ----Spartan.  What size of raised bed would each require  ?



Dear Ron

Thank you for your enquiry.

I take it from your Email that you would like to plant each blueberry bush in an individual raised bed I hope I have understood you correctly.

The smallest raised bed that we manufacture is a 2ft x 2ft bed which is a perfect size for a blueberry plant. They may look a little lost at first however they will soon grow and will need the space.

We have three different ranges of raised beds varying in quality/style, whichever you choose I would go for a 3 tier bed (18” high) to contain enough soil for your growing plant.  Most blueberry plants will grow to 1.5-1.8m in height so you would be wise to accommodate that at this stage.

·         Allotment Range

·         Standard Range

·         Superior Range

Blueberries like well drained acid soil and prefer a sunny or partly shady position.  I would advise that you plant your beds up using a mix of Ericaceous soil & John Innes No. 3.   Keep the soil moist but not wet and water with rainwater rather than tap water as this will raise the pH level of the soil. Feed every month with ericaceous feed for acid loving plants and prune yearly (not for the first two years) in late February to early March removing a proportion of old wood every year to keep the plant productive.

Most Blueberries are self pollinators but often they produce a better crop when other varieties are planted nearby to aid cross pollination.

I hope this is enough information for you, if you would like any further help with Raised Beds our Customer Services Team are available to help.

Kind Regards

Lynn Burton
Horticultural Adviser