The greenhouse is a valuable kitchen garden asset but to use it to its full potential you'll need to keep it frost free in winter, if not warm!

Let's start with the good news that there are plenty of electric heaters around fitted with thermostats which will switch themselves on and off at pre-determined temperatures and therefore require no interaction.

We have a wide range of clean-running electric heaters for fan assisted, thermostatically controlled heat suited to a range of greenhouse sizes and for smaller greenhouses or large cold frames our paraffin heater is ideal.

The Warmax Paraffin Antifrost Heater needs no electricity, is simple to operate and economical to run and will keep a cold frame or area of your greenhouse up to 2m² free of frost and this model from the new generation of paraffin heaters will run for 10 days between filling thanks to the 1.7 litre tank.

You may well require 4kw of power to generate decent heat levels for a larger greenhouse this would mean using a 4.5kw Bio Green Frosty Greenhouse Heater. The clever design means that over 99% of the energy is transformed into heat, making it efficient and economical. Heat is also radiated out of the stainless steel grid on the front of the heater at a lower level so not all the heat will travel straight to the top of the greenhouse. 

The powerful Stainless Steel 2.8kW Fan Heater is more than capable of heating most garden greenhouses and can be mounted in the ceiling or on the floor. Its long list of features include accurate thermostatic control and modes suited for spring, summer and winter. The extremely quiet high powered fan gives even heat distribution throughout the greenhouse.

Alternatively the efficient Palma Electric Greenhouse Heaters from Bio Green available in 2 versions - a standard model which is supplied with an inbuilt thermostat and the digital model supplied with additional digital thermostat for increased accuracy

Installing a greenhouse heater certainly maximises the potential of your greenhouse and our range of greenhouse heaters will cater for structures and budgets of all sizes. Which ever one you chose, an efficient greenhouse heater is well worth the investment, extending the growing season and keeping it frost free in winter.