What will you require? To gain the full benefit of a greenhouse, a source of heat (other than the sun) is essential. This level of heat varies greatly, from the bare necessity of preventing frost damage, to the expense of providing high temperatures for exotic plants.

The greenhouse climate requires careful management as it is not only the plants that enjoy the benefits of winter heat. A long line of pests will be queuing to enter the greenhouse – if they are not inside already - and the extra heat can hasten the outbreak of plant diseases. It’s like a knock-on effect; introducing heat means that an adequate ventilation system is required; watering equipment, possibly automated, will be required and some kind of staging/benching to utilise the limited space is desirable. Shading from the full heat and glare of the midsummer sun is also a need to be addressed.

Of course, there are many, many products in circulation to help us achieve our aims greenhouse-wise, but are they all effective…?