You can sometimes get a suprise when lifting root crops - there might be a record breaker lurking under the soil surface or alternatively, you might unearth something you didn't quite expect!

BeefsteakIt's certainly the latter which befell experienced gardener Terry Pendred of Peterborough. The 76 year-old had a suprise when he started digging up carrots from his back garden allotment and discovered a rather strange example of a carrot!

I've certainly had a few peculiar looking carrots, amongst other crops, appear in the three years our Harrod Horticultural Kitchen Garden has been in existence, but the regular rotation of crops and the introduction of raised bed gardening seems to have put a stop to the freaky roots. Of course, one of the joys of allotmenteering and growing vegetables is to compare your wares with that of your neighbour, and I'll bet almost every gardener across the country can recall the year they grew a tomato sprouting legs or a parsnip with the face of the mother-in-law!

If you've got any weird and wonderful fruits or vegetables caught on camera, send them to me at and we'll while away the winter months laughing at them!