Garden MaintenanceThe benefits of a well-maintained garden may extend to an increase in the overall value of your property, according to the Horticultural Trades Association's PlantforLife campaign.

The HTA represents retailers, growers, landscapers, manufacturers and distributors of garden materials and service providers all involved in the billion pound UK garden industry, and the PlantforLife campaign is designed to help make the most of your garden with advice on planting schemes, gardening hints and tips and even expert advice.

Of particular interest is the Benefits for You section, which highlights the not-so-obvious rewards of a well-kept green area - such as reduced air and noise pollution, as well as the potential increase in value of your property. Indeed, statistics show that a front garden in fine fettle can lift the market value of your home by 6% - a whopping £11,000 on the current average UK house price!

It's clear that the gardening market is big business, but even if your ambitions stretch to no more than sitting in the garden on a summer evening sipping a cool drink, you've still been hooked!