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Fleece Tunnel Kit - 3m

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Our Fleece Tunnel Kit has been designed to protect plants against frost, wind, hail, birds and insects whilst also warming up the soil for earlier seed sowing and harvesting
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Pack Content: single item
Size: 3m L x 48cm W x 57cm H
Product Code: GDA-077
Availability: Sorry, no longer available.

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

The 3m long Fleece Tunnel is a cost effective way to protect a row of plants from frost and the strong 30gsm fleece will also stop hail, strong winds, birds and insects from damaging your plants.

Designed using our best selling 19mm diameter galvanised high top steel hoops, supported rigidly by steel linking top rods, with UV stabilised 30gsm fleece for great frost protection. The hoops can be securely pushed into the ground or optional heavy duty steel ground anchors can be used. Ground pegs are also included to secure the fleece. 

Overall the fleece tunnel measures 3m Long x 48cm wide x 57cm high and the complete kit saves £10 on buying the items separately. 

  • 3m long x 48cm W x 57cm H
  • Strong UV Resistant 30gsm Garden Fleece
  • Protect against frost, wind, hail, birds & insects
  • Easy to assemble
  • Warms soil for earlier sowing

Kit includes:-

  • 4 x hoops (48cm/19” W x 57cm/22.5” H)
  • 2m x 5m 30g insulating fleece
  • 3 x 1m linking rods
  • 22 x 17.5cm/7” ground pegs. 

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Grow Your OwnFebruary 2016

Tried and Tested cloches

This is a typical tunnel cloche at three metres in length, and the width of the hoops is certainly above and beyond the general size. The hoops are linked together with poles that are cleverly connected with plastic clips, then inserted into the linking rods, giving the cloche its rigidity. It's flexible, allowing you to make one, two or three metre cloches.

Number of Articles: 1
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