Flaming good job!

Dear Martin

Please can you advise me if flame guns can be used on block paving without causing them any damage?  How quickly does it operate - can you maintain a steady walking pace or do you have to stand still waiting for it to operate sucessfully?


Dear Sally

Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding the flame gun we stock. Both this gun and the Weed Wand, the other flame-weeder we supply, work on the same principle; the blast of scorching heat ruptures the cell structure of the weed which in turn kills the leaf, stops it producing food and causes it to die.

It’s not essential to stand over the weed and reduce it to nothing to kill the target plant as even a passing blast – no longer than a second – is enough to break down the cells. If you’ve got a wider area you want to fatally singe then a flame gun with a hood, mounted on the trolley and pushed slowly along is the best answer but if you have a few weeds seedlings growing along a wall for example, then you might want to spend a little more time burning them off completely with a wand.  
Annual weeds often die off completely but perennials, due to the extra reserves their often established root systems contain, are likely to re-grow so additional treatments are likely to be required.

I can’t see any problem with cracking or damaging paving and in my experience of using the gun on shingle, gravel and brickwork, I’ve never encountered any problems; I’ve even use the wand on tarmac and as it’s just a brief blast, even that has held up.

I hope this brief summary gives you more of an idea about how these invaluable and organic weed control solutions work and which product would best suit your situation; thanks again for your enquiry and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions or queries you may have.