Eco-Green Aerated Polythene

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This Eco Green Aerated Polythene allows air and moisture to circulate freely around the plants and can be used to help ripen melons, strawberries, chillies, peppers, and tomatoes grown outside...More information

Pack Content: metre rolls
Size: 1.8m Wide - 10m & 20 m Packs
Product Code: GDN-821
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You'll be amazed at the difference when using this unique Eco-Green Aerated Polythene to ripen melons, strawberries, chillies, peppers, and tomatoes grown outside. It can be kept over crops throughout the season because of the perforations that allow moisture and air to circulate freely around the plants and the 20mm holes allow pollinating insects to move inside unhindered.

  • 1.8m x 10m
  • Easy to cut to required size
  • Allows 87% light penetration under average UK daytime sunlight conditions
  • Securely stake with our steel ground pegs (not provided)
  • 20mm air holes
  • Pale green colour material blends into the garden background

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As the Eco-Green Aerated Polythene is a great new addition to the gardener's armoury, we thought we'd share a few tips, and give you a few ideas, on how to get the most from this innovative crop cover. You'll be the envy of the allotment! 

  • It’s perfect for ripening melons, strawberries, chillies, peppers, tomatoes and other similar fruit and vegetables, when they’re grown outside, without the benefit of a greenhouse to help promote ripening.
  • The lightweight polythene sheet has unique perforations that perform two vital functions. The holes are just large enough - 20mm (0.8in) in diameter – to allow easy access for pollinating insects, which means that you can leave the polythene on your crops throughout the season, without the need to remove it for pollination. The perforations also allow air and moisture to circulate freely around the plants, keeping them healthy and reducing any risk of mildew or disease.
  • It's light enough to rest directly on the leaves of plants or can be laid over a framework. The sheet size is a generous1.8 metre wide (approx 5ft 10in) and can be cut to size from the total length of 10 metres (approx 33ft). The edges should be secured to the ground at about 1 metre (3ft) intervals, making sure you leave enough slack for future plant growth.
  • The Aerated Polythene also provides some protection for your crops, keeping off the birds and is ideal for covering areas of newly sown lawn. When laid flat on the ground it retains warmth and moisture which stimulates seed germination. Its pale green colour makes it as unobtrusive as possible in your garden.

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The Guardian20th April 2013

Alys fowler - Gardening Blog

Perforated films such as the Eco-Green Aerated Polythene from Harrod Horticultural offer more heat for cucumbers, peppers and early French beans

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