Here at Harrod Horticultural we like to be leaders in the horticultural field, and to back this statement up, we're growing an early crop of tumbler tomatoes in our own Kitchen Garden, says horticulturist Martin Fiddes.

Propagation took place way back in late December, and on checking the plants yesterday, I found some very small flowers! It looks like I'll be picking fresh tomatoes before Easter at this rate and honestly, it's not that hard (after all, I've managed it!).

How did I do it? Well, you just need a helping hand from a few old greenhouse favourites...a packet of Tumbler tomato seeds, an electric propagator and a heater for the greenhouse - and some assistance from some pots and peat-free compost. Oh, and a bit of help from nature!

Incidentally, there's another reason for all this mid-winter haste; the plants I'm raising now need to be in pristine condition to adorn the Harrod Horticultural Stand at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show - make sure you come and see us!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it theraputic to see all the green growth and promise of greenhouse-raised plants at this time of year, and I'll make sure I keep you posted of my progress on the Kitchen Garden section of our website.

In the meantime, send some of your own early crop stories to me at and see if we're still Top of the Toms