Design Debate Station


What is garden design? What is it for? What is the substance behind the style?

Whilst design is something we encounter in every realm of our daily lives, there still exists a lot of confusion around what garden design actually is, and the positive impacts it can have on shaping the world around us.


At the RHS London Plant and Design ShowCityscapes will be creating a horticultural installation which invites visitors to actively participate in discussions around design. Featuring a Harrod Superior Greenhouse as a central debating station, visitors will be encouraged to think a bit deeper about design and the relationships between places, people and plants.

Each external wall of the greenhouse will pose a different question for visitors to consider, whilst garden designers and students will actively engage them in conversation around these points, to get them to consider the real purposes of design. Visitors will then be encouraged to write their responses on the glass walls of the greenhouse with marker pen. The greenhouse will gradually evolve over the course of the show, as the graffiti gradually covers it up.  

Responses from the public via twitter will also be encouraged, and will be posted upon the glass panes of the green house. At the end of the show all the responses will be analysed, documented and utilised for future display.