Conifers on Court!

Dear Martin

I'm wondering if we can stop wind blown Leylandii chaff from invading our tennis club courts. We'd need a 3mm or smaller mesh if possible and a good life in UV - we can put on the tree side of wire netting so ball strike should not be a problem.

Something that degrades and drops plastic after a year or 2 not really OK though. Cost and life can be balanced - I go for longer life (less fitting work!).
Are any of your products suitable?


Dear Colin

Many thanks for your recent enquiry concerning a suitable form of netting to prevent your tennis club court being coated with conifer debris. As a keen tennis player myself, I've shifted your enquiry to the top of my priority list and hopefully the information below will give you some ideas.

As the spec of the netting appears to be the most essential factor in your decision, I've shortlisted the netting we supply with a smaller mesh than 3mm. These materials are:

Fine Insect Mesh
Ultra Fine Insect Mesh 
Windbreak/Shade Netting

Both the insect meshes are white in colour and boast a very fine mesh size; 1.35mm square in the case of the Fine version and the Ultra is an even more finite 0.25mm x 0.8mm. The windbreak netting is light green in colour, has a 2mm aperture and is used with more regularity in the amenity sector than the crop-protecting fine meshes.
You can view further details in all three of the materials listed above by entering the product codes listed into the search facility on our website, and we're more than happy to send samples of the nets to you for a more tactile test of their suitability - simply drop me a line with your address and I'll do the rest.

Many thanks once again for your enquiry; I do hope this information proves to be of help and please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.