Harrod GreenhouseThe HARROD SUPERIOR GREENHOUSE design is elegant, strong and built to be a serious working greenhouse  with its 25 YEAR GUARANTEED ALUMINIUM FRAMEWORK. It delivers precision engineering quality throughout, sophisticated glazing techniques, vast amounts of ventilation, integral roof blinds on one side of the roof and a host of innovative features as standard that make it £ for £ the best growing environment of any greenhouse available today! Available in 3 distinguished contemporary colours, you can match it together with a range of optional integral and freestanding staging that can be customised to suit your growing needs. Our best selling Harrod Superior Greenhouse range is available in a choice of 3 powder coated colours – Pine Green, Antique Ivory or Willow Grey finished with an elegant finial.   



 Points to Consider when buying a Greenhouse

 Aluminium Framework Strength

Recent winters have seen stronger winds and storms putting greenhouse frame strengths to the test. Cheaper models using flimsy frames have failed the winter test and collapsed under the strain or blown away. We are so confident in the strength of our Harrod Superior Aluminium Greenhouse frames that we happily sat five men on the apex weighing nearly half a tonne! We purposely build our aluminium frames much heavier than any of our competitors, the ridge is up to 50% thicker, the glazing bars and door sides are up to 30% thicker and the eaves are up to 130% heavier.  A number of heavy duty 3mm thick T sections are used throughout the framework to add significantly to its strength.3 are used on every roof bay at 2ft intervals, 2 at the eaves and a longer one at the ridge. In addition a heavy duty glazing bar is used at the ridge of every greenhouse. We also add the following elements to increase the overall strength –

  • Robust braces fitted to every ridge and eave bar

  • Heavy duty glazing bar at the rear

  • A thick bar halfway along the sides and roof

  • Two robust braces on the eaves and a longer braces on the eaves of each roof bay

  • 4mm toughened glass strong enough to hold the weight of a van, 33% thicker than other models in the market

Greenhouse InteriorStature

We build all our Harrod Superior Greenhouses to a maximum height of 5’ 5”, a lot taller than competitor models. This provides extra growing height for tall plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers, enough height for hanging baskets and keeps plants away from glass to prevent scorching. Experts recommend ordering a greenhouse in the size larger than you anticipate needing as it is easy to fill up quickly. Our Harrod Superior Greenhouse range is available up to 12 ft wide x 18ft long so you are sure to find a size to meet your requirements. For maximum height we recommend our 8ft models as the ridge is 8’4”, the tallest we are aware of in the market place



Toughened Glass

Large pane toughened glass offers strength and extra insulation and doesn’t overlap. The 4mm toughened float glass (not weaker horticultural glass) used in the Harrod Superior Greenhouses is also safer for family gardens as it is 33% thicker than standard greenhouse glass so less likely to break during family games.


Glazing System

To further enhance the strength of our aluminium greenhouse frames, each one of our individual panes of glass locks into place along its total length using a squeegee fin. The soft rubber edge of the squeegee fin seals the glass against rain and wind. Competitor greenhouses use caps or glazing beads to lock each pane of glass in place, replacing the usual W clips for aesthetic reasons rather than to provide extra strength. 

Inferior greenhouses use small or large pane glazing which allows the frame to distort. The extra strength provided by the Harrod Superior Glazing System prevents the roof and the sides of the greenhouse becoming distorted by wind as they always remain square.

Unrivalled ventilation

Greenhouses are very prone to overheating so we have made sure that the Harrod Superior Greenhouse range has more ventilation included that any other model on the market! The total ventilation footprint is the same area as a third of the greenhouse floor space which is quite a challenge and one which none of our competition manages to achieve. This required the production of unique roof vents twice as large as standard models in order to achieve this. 

A top quality greenhouse will also provide excellent air circulation to prevent moist stagnant air which encourages disease.  The climate is automatically controlled by a combination of double/triple vents, Bayliss autovents and at least two 5 bladed louvre vents ensuring fresh air can circulate and cool. Bayliss autovents are included in each of our models as they are well known for being super sensitive to temperature change. Controlling the internal greenhouse temperature far quicker and more accurately than we ever could, even the slightest overhead cloud will quickly begin to close the roof autovents. The roof vents remain shut in strong winds thanks to the double spring that holds them shut. Alternatively you can disconnect the autovent for periods of forecasted high wind using the unique bracket to lock the roof vent safely shut. A 6ft x 8ft greenhouse comes with two large double roof vents controlled by autovents and two 5 blade louvres vents for air circulation. This level of ventilation is normally applicable for a greenhouse twice this size!   Greenhouse Colours Panel


Installation quotes

If you are a competent DIY enthusiast you could expect to install your greenhouse over a weekend using the comprehensive instructions and DVD supplied with every purchase.  If you encounter any queries during construction, our trained Customer Services Team are on hand to answer your queries by calling 0333 400 1444 (local rate) during office house. Alternatively visit our website www.harrodhorticultural.com to view the helpful installation videos on our greenhouse pages or chat to one of our customer services team online. We can also send you a copy of the delivery and installation DVD if requested through our Customer Services Team by calling 0333 400 1444 (local rate) during office house.