Is this Garden Forum page?

I've not posted for so long, it's a bit like learning to walk again - and that leads nicely on to where exactly I've been hiding recently!

buddinggardenerUnfortunately, the start of October saw my football career come to an abrupt end as I fractured - and dislocated - my ankle. Obviously, that put me out of action briefly - and I'm only just resuming my gardening duties now - and then come something far more enjoyable...a new addition to our family!

All in all, it's been quite a hectic period and if you've missed the usual round-up of gardening news and my articles in general, then please accept my apologies. It just seems that there's no-one around to fill my journalistic boots...

On the subject of children; it's going to be a while until my little fellow can wield a trowel (although he's getting to grips with a dummy and bottle rather well) but I've discovered a report on some older kids with green fingers.

Pupils at Bonneygrove Primary School in Cheshunt, Herts - not far from my old stamping ground in St Albans - are benefitting from a £1500 handout from lifestyle mag Candis, which has helped them set up their own school garden. And next year, it looks like their school tuck shop will be stocking strawberry, raspberry and perhaps later apple and pear-based treats instead of Mars bars!


It's great to read yet another report of schoolkids planning, constructing and running their own garden, and the subject ties in nicely with our own budding gardeners initiative.

Well, it's good to be back on-line and I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, during which I'll bring you all the latest gardening news and views.