Autumn/Winter Plug Plants

Hi Lynn

I'm about to buy the Harrod Horticultural Autumn winter garden pack of plug plants and I would like info on how many of the plants require protection - and what kind is best - for a successful outcome?

I'm hoping the instructions might group them with info about which do and don't so could plan the planting - but would actually be usefultohave this info in advance.

It's product code veg 090.

I live  in north east England and will be growing in my rather lovely raised beds - which I bought earlier this year from Harrod H too!

Many thanks



Dear Chris

Dear Chris,

Firstly congratulations on your raised bed purchase, they really are a great way to grow vegetables and I believe they make home growing so much easier.  You won’t be disappointed with the plugs plants either, I planted the Autumn/Winter Vegetable Garden plugs mid September in Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden, they are very good quality healthy plug plants. 

This Autumn/Winter Vegetable Garden contains the following baby organic plants:

1.    Red Russian Kale x10

2.    Green borecole x10

3.    Cavolo Nero Kale x10

4.    Winter green cabbage x10

5.    Spring green cabbage x10

6.    Calabrese x10

7.    Turnip x10

8.    Winter Purslane x10

9.    Green frills mustard x10

10. Chicory x10

11. Chinese Leaf (Tatsoi) x10

12. Spring onions x20

13. Winter lettuce x20

14. Spinach x 10

15. Packet of Broad bean seeds

Items 1 – 7 are Brassicas and will eventually need net protection from birds (mainly pigeons) that will get hungry over winter.  I started these off under polythene sheet in a seed bed but they have now been moved into a Slot & Lock Aluminium Cage with all the other brassicas.  They are winter vegetables so they will not need fleece protection.

8. Winter Purslane will grow uncovered outside in the depths of winter however you could include it under fleece or a cloche with the Green Frills mustard which will go through winter if given protection.

Items 10-14 will all need protection during the winter, either  by using fleece, cold frame, cloche or poly-tunnel protection.  The 1m sq. cloche is ideal if you have that size raised beds we use these at Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden on our 1m sq raised beds along with the Longrow Super Cloche.  The exception being Chinese Leaf Tatsoi which will withstand temperatures down to -10 deg it can even be harvested under snow!  But of course you can plant it under a cloche with the other crops.

12. Spring Onions, 13. Winter Lettuce & 14. Spinach will all start to grow and will then slow up and overwinter before resuming growth when temperatures warm up in the spring but will all need some form of protection (as above).

15.  Broad Beans - Sow directly into the soil in early November or February for earlier harvests next year. Sown in November, seeds will germinate within 2-4 weeks and young plants will overwinter and recommence growth when conditions warm up in spring. In colder areas, or when winters are severe, plants will need fleece or cloche protection.

I would advise that you order your plugs as soon as possible to get them in and off to a good start before the cold weather arrives.

I hope this helps you with your planning and gives you ideas for winter protection.  If you need any more assistance do not hesitate in getting back to me or you can contact the Customer Services Team who will be able to help you further.

Kind Regards

Lynn Burton
Horticultural Adviser