A month of unpredictable weather

Stephanie's Kitchen Garden Diary - 1st May 2019

Kitchen-Garden-170519April was a month of unpredictable weather we had it all sunshine, rain, wind and even some hail.

Easter really saw the first of the warmer weather and the temptation to start planting out this year’s crop was just too great so the first of the brassicas were planted Brussel sprouts, early sprouting broccoli and kale these all have some tolerance to cold weather so didn’t mind a few cold nights and are growing really well. I then planted out our perpetual spinach I did give them some cloche protection for a few weeks but that has come off now and they are also growing really well.

Towards the very end of the month I planted out the courgette plants and tomato plants as they were getting a little big and the greenhouse was filling up, of course that’s when the weather changed and they all had to be wrapped up in protective fleece but they are no worse for it and now thriving in their final positions.

Of course, due to the inconsistent temperatures it has been hard work in the greenhouse lots of seeds have had to been sown and plants that really should have been planted out have had to stay in, so it has been very full and of course has taken a lot of watering. But hopefully everything is back on track now and the schedule can re-start.