A bit of sanctuary in the garden

Stephanie's Kitchen Garden Diary - 15th April 2020

It is challenging times we are all facing at the moment but the garden offers some sanctuary. The plants are unaware of the current crisis and continue to grow and bloom as they normally do and we continue to care for them.

Our peach trees are in full bloom and with very few bees around still we continue to pollinate them by hand with the aid of a small paint brush and a delicate tickle.

The greenhouse is continuing to flourish the aubergine’s and cucumbers have all now been potted into their final pots which will remain in the greenhouse and they really growing well. We have also potted on the Westland cabbages and put up the slot and lock walk in cage with butterfly netting ready for them. We have also sown Broccoli calabrese, nasturtiums and spinach palco.

But the big news this week is that we have started to plant the potatoes. All the second earlies have now gone in and we have sown Vivaldi, Nicola, Maris Peer and Charlotte. We have split these between an open bed and grow sacks. Grow sacks are really good if you are limited for space, they will provide you with some nice fresh potatoes even if you only have a small garden or terrace, just make sure you feed and water them well.

We have also planted out our sweet peas this week and they seem grateful for it. They really were getting far to big for the cold frame but it kept them warm all winter and has produced some really good quality plants.

Our strawberries produced a lot of new plants last year, in fact so many we were at a loss as to what to do with them, so as a bit of an experiment we have decided to plant up a hanging basket with them. This is something you would see on many allotments, in theory it is a good idea as it stops runners and keeps the fruit off the ground, so far they seem happy but only time will tell.

March KG 1 March KG 2 March KG 3

The rest of the garden is really coming into bloom, we have had some gorgeous tulips and the rhododendrons are all coming into flower and look stunning!

March KG 4 March KG 5 March KG 6

Finally; stay safe, stay well, and keep gardening!