Here are our Top 15 Tips to keep your garden healthy and more water efficient this summer!

1. water your plants early in the morning or late at night so the water doesn’t evaporate in the heat of the day before it can reach the roots.

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2. add water retaining crystals to the soil to keep in moisture.

3. leave plants and shrubs dry until the show visible signs on wilting- watering plants too often can keep roots shallow and weaken plants.

4. water plants with ‘grey water’- water recycled from showers, baths, kitchens and washing machines (from rinse cycles).

5. reuse and recycle rain water to water plants at a later date; use a water butt to help store the water for longer.


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6. mulch soil around plants with straw or bark to prevent evaporation of water from the soils surface.

7. avoid sprinklers- they are not very efficient and can use up to 1000 litres of excess water a day.

8. water less frequently- encourage plants to develop deep root systems by watering them less frequently (once every 10 days)

9. add organic matter to the soil to improve its structure, which helps it to retain moisture.

10. use the right amount of water;
• sand based-water more often (every 7 days)
• clay based-water less frequently (every 10/11 days)

11. plant flowers the use less water;
• lavender
• palms
• mimosa
• verbena

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12. use the best watering techniques for your plants;
• hoses
• watering cans
• seep hoses
• automated irrigation systems

13. reduce the impacts of water guzzling plants;
• established or slow growing plants
• small plants
• varieties with small or narrow leaves
• grey or silver foliage
• leathery, hairy, curled or fuzzy leaves that typically require less moisture


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14. check the weather and use a moisture meter.

15. capture water with good design;
• use water-loving plant species that suck up moisture
• use diversion drains, swales and terraces to help intercept water flow and spread it out
• build mounds around trees and shrubs to reduce runoff
• remove unnecessary lower branches and leaves from trees