Which greenhouse propagator is for me?

Dear Martin

I am looking for something to help with the growing of seeds in my greenhouse.  Which of your products would you recommend..... the vitopod propagator, the soil cables or the propogating mat.  I grow seeds for vegetables and cut flowers... tomatoes etc but nothing v. exotic.
Many thanks


Dear Kate

Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding which of our products would be most suitable for the general propagating of seeds.
Two of the items listed - the soil warming cable and heating mat - will give very similar results, with the main difference between them being the installation time; the heat mat can be placed in position and rolled up again after use in literally seconds, whilst the warming cables are ideal if you have the time and space in your greenhouse to devote to a permanent propagation bench.  

The Vitopod is an altogether more sophisticated piece of propagating equipment and can be accurately set to the degree by the built-in thermostat to help ensure the best rate of seed germination. The whole unit is heated which means you can bring on the young seedlings in an unheated greenhouse, saving you the cost of heating the whole greenhouse during early and late season seed sowing and growing. It can also be used unheated as a cold frame and with many sizes and heights to choose from there is every chance you’ll be able to tailor the Vitopod to your own set-up.  

As you can see, each of the three products has its place in the greenhouse but your final decision will probably come down to space, time and, of course, budget!    
I hope this information has helped and armed with my comments and the information on our website, you should be able to come to a verdict. However, if you’ve any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.