Waterbutt Fresh

Dear Jo

The water from my water butt is rather smelly, it is covered and the collection areas do have filters to remove larger vegetable debris.  Will the EM ceramic bag work inside the butt to reduce the smelliness of the water.  I do worry that when using it for my greenhouse any bacteria could have a damping affect on my seedlings.


Dear Lesley

The ceramicchips will work inside your water butt to reduce algae and smelly water.  We also have another product called WaterButt Fresh which will do the same thing.  This is a liquid that you add to your water butt on a regular basis.

Personally I wouldn’t use the water from your water butt on your seedlings.  Any collected water will pose a risk of damping off disease on your seedlings and it is recommended that tap water is used for these.  I
would use the collected rainwater on more established plants and pots.  It would be a good idea to empty the butt, clean it and then start again using one of the aforementioned treatments to keep your water fresh.


I hope that helps.  Please let me know if you require any further assistance.


Kindest Regards




Jo Blackwell

Kitchen Gardener