Training Fruit Trees

Dear Jo

We are looking to source 3 espalier fruit trees and a tensioning wire support system.  Could you please advise on what you would recommend?



Dear Catherine

Dear Catherine 

Many thanks for your email regarding espalier fruit trees.  Strangely enough this is exactly what I have been undertaking in the kitchen garden today.

When planning to grow a tree as an espalier, make sure you buy one on one of the following rootstocks:

·         MM106 is most suitable for small apple trees with three or four tiers but M26 can also be used

·         MM111 is best for large apple trees or poor soil

·         Quince A is suitable for pears 

In our kitchen garden we currently grow:  Red Pippin, Bramley Seedling and Apple Sunset.  

With regards to the wire system, I have been using the Gripple Tensioner system.  I find this amazingly simple and easy to use and would strongly recommend it.

 Good luck and let me know how you get on

 Kindest Regards