Sticky Pest Traps (pack of 10)

These Sticky Traps won't prove popular with any aphids, whitefly or other greenhouse pests snared by the sticky surface of the Sticky Pest Traps - a necessity for any greenhouse grower keen on raising healthy crops...More information

Pack Content: Pack of 10
Size: 20cm H x 10cm W
Product Code: GPC-159
Delivery: £3.95 P&P
Price: £5.95
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The bright yellow colour of the 10cm x 20cm card Sticky Pest Traps reflects light at a wavelength particularly attractive to whitefly (a common pest of tomatoes and fuschias), but will also create a last landing place for aphids, various pesky flies, thrips and other airborne greenhouse invaders.

The perfect pest early warning system and supplied with ties for hanging in the greenhouse or amongst crops, the Sticky Pest Traps can be used all year round both to reduce pest numbers by trapping and also to monitor which uninvited guests are airborne in the greenhouse - allowing your to take further action with our range of biological pest control measures or organic sprays.

The sticky pest traps are sold in packs of 10 and will put a stop to aphids, whitefly and plenty of other pests from 'Dancing on the Ceiling'!

  • Sticky Pest Traps supplied in a pack of 10
  • Simple to use and highly effective
  • Supplied complete with hanging strip
  • Ideal early warning system
  • Hang up in greenhouse late winter/early spring
  • Catches first pests of the year
  • Traps whitefly, aphid, fungus gnat, thrip and other pests
  • For use all year round
  • Measures 10cm x 20cm H

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Grow Your OwnNovember2015

Dave Finkle - Greenhouse, Polytunnel Care and Pest Removal - Products on Test

I often feel that yellow sticky traps are under rated, as they are very effective and give you an immediate pest knock-down. They are incredibly simple - just sheets of card with a light glue coating that hold onto any flying critters. Greenhouses are usually attacked by greenfly and whitefly amongst a host of others. These traps are 24cm x 10cm which is respectable, are double sided with wire ties and perfectly suited to your greenhouse or polytunnel. The hidden benefit of the traps is the opportunity you have to stop an infestation before it takes hold, and at this price you can't afford not to.

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